I will let you see what the good side of my life looks like. well, I’m a person who is good with words but particularly bad at sentences so, I’ll just let these photos speak for themselves. ENJOY!

this is taken from one of my new fave places :> THEY HAVE THE AWESOMEST STRAWBERRY CAKES! Well, in my books— that is. Pretty cheap but HIGH QUALITY! <3 (@ Tazza Cafe; Located at GF Tsai Hotel, Camp Lapu-Lapu, Cebu City)

Well, this one is supposed to be an #OOTD photo but oh yeah…FEEL THE NATURE! 

another #ootd shot! hahaha^^

Nothing really beats good coffee and good company!

Taken at Starbucks Coffee-Crown Regency Fuente when i went on a date with the one and only curlyvixen! It’s a Buy One, Get One treat! Of course, we couldn’t afford to miss it! <3

McDo always saves my hungry day!

and if you thought that my life is all unicorns and rainbows— THINK AGAIN.

Preparing for our sessions with street kids! Psychological theories and Educational theories are quite a handful to handle. ;;A;;

The name tags we used for our first session with the street kids! (P.S. in case you guys don’t know, I’m an incoming fourth year education major)

Well, i think I should save the other photos for my next post (since i posted quite a lot today)! Until next time! <3



a better ‘chocominteu’— coming soon!

YES! It’s true this time.

i am so sorry that i ditched this blog for sometime, discontinuing the stuffs and segments I prepared for, I’m really sorry about that.

This year, I will show you a better ‘chocominteu' as my official blog site is on the works! /cue the crowd applause/

My older brother was actually the one who suggested that i should buy the domain before it gets taken by someone else and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do! but before that, I’m trying to refresh my knowledge about coding and all so i can customize my own themes for my blog and make it look less like a tumblr blog and more like an actual blog.

With this huge step I am taking, I am also gonna do a few regular segments like my food travels or my cafe hopping. Right now, I’m still in the process of creating these fresh and new segments for me to freely express myself and for everyone to enjoy as well!



a n j

The Last of My Teenage Years

Yes. Sadly.

I’m turning 20 this November and I feel like I don’t deserve to get out of my teenage year— just not yet! 

Well, it’s just that people in my age would’ve think maturely— like how to get a car, a job or an apartment space— but you see, I think like I’m still 13! There is nothing wrong with think like a child at this age but the society has this notion that once you step into the 20s, you’d be mature. I mean, you SHOULD be.

I admit. I hate responsibilities. I hate thinking mature and not relying to anyone. I know I actually can survive on my own but you see, the thought of it kills me. It’s not that I hate being independent, but it’s just that I’m not confident to be one. 

In this body is still a 5 year-old kid who is just beginning to discover possibilities, a 13 year-old who’s still trying to find myself and a 16 year-old who’s uncertain of the career path to take.

Maybe I should start to learn everything I need to learn about being 20. Just maybe.